A Modern Take on a Timeless Look


This popular design family from the Hammerton Chateau collection shows how a marriage of old and new can be marvelously magical. Fondly called 'Chateau Redux', these fixtures feature time honored, old-world silhouettes updated with clean contemporary lines and subtle artisan details like hand-forged finials and delicate scrollwork. Their surprising simplicity and airy elegance suits a wide range of interior styles, from classic to contemporary.

A  wide choice of decorative options and finishes expand the design potential of each fixture. For example, wax candles paired with intricate banding and tumbled quartz crystal swag lean more classic, while steel candles or cylinders and steel swag lean more contemporary. 

Take an up-close look at the craftsmanship and design detail below...

 Designers have incorporated this versatile look in everything from city pied a terries to lakefront retreats...

Below are a few photos of Chateau Redux fixtures from a designer client's own home in Southern California. Her choice of wax candles and beaded swag provided the perfect counterpoint to the traditional style of her interiors. 

See a fixture design you like but need it in a different look? Scroll through the film strip below for more ideas!


Is there any light more versatile than the drum? We think this workhorse fixture deserves much more than a white shade. By incorporating eye-catching materials and textures -- think fused crystal, textured kiln-fired glass, woven steel mesh and more -- drum lights can dramatically elevate interiors instead of simply blending into them. 

At Hammerton, our most popular drums are those that juxtapose unusual materials in visually engaging ways.  Take a look at a few of our top sellers below. 

Above & Below: A 2014 remodel of the Hilton Houston Southwest makes strategic use of contemporary drums in fused crystal and fine woven mesh to update the look and feel of the hotel's central common areas. 

Below: A few of our most popular triple drums featuring fused crystal, textured kiln-fired glass and steel mesh.















Below: A triptych of triple drums in the DeJoria Conference Center at High Star Ranch in Kamas, Utah.

Summer Custom Series: Specialty FIXTURES

What do Celtic knots, video projectors, the family dog, gondolas, pistols and princess colors have in common? Believe it or not, they've all been incorporated into Hammerton light fixtures at one time or another. As a custom manufacturer, we routinely tackle unique and unusual problems for our clients. Here are a few of our recent favorites. 

Above & Below: When an Irish client asked us to incorporate a symbol of her ancestral heritage into a lighting package for her U.S. vacation home, our design team settled on the Celtic knot. Note the overlapping detail in the motif at the center of the dining chandelier.

Below: A bar light for an aviation enthusiast fabricated from a 1940's J3 Cub propellor, with rawhide shades featuring three different vintage aircraft, all hand-drawn in ink.

Below: A buffet light built with a retractable sneeze guard, designed and fabricated for the Watertable restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach, CA. 

Below: A whimsical European-style pendant fit for a princess castle!  Several of these fixtures were recently installed at a 'very happy place' in Shanghai, China. Don't let the playful finish colors fool you; they're AAMA-2604-rated outdoor finishes that offer the industry's highest standard for UV and corrosion resistance.

Below: A drum fixture, customized with quick release pistol holders. We actually built several of these fixtures for a residential client, but we're still not clear on the purpose of loaded guns hovering overhead...

Below left: A perfect fixture for the 'pet room', right? This client sent us photos of her labrador to create this realistic drum silhouette. Below right: A modified game room fixture incorporating a client's two favorite sports, skiing and mountain biking. 

Above & Below: gondolas, big and small! Above right, three of these gondolas, each fabricated to 50% scale, are realistically cable-suspended in a Park City Client backyard overlooking the surrounding ski resorts. 

Above and Below: While Hammerton's primary business is lighting, clients often ask us to create a wide range of furniture and accessories. Shown here are custom hide-covered barstools with footrests that resemble ski-pole baskets, and deer antler candelabras hand-sculpted from steel.  

Summer Custom Series: Organic DESIGN

Nature has given us a visual smorgasbord of shapes, colors and textures from which to draw inspiration. At Hammerton, we transform these visual elements into functional works of art. Hand-forged and sculpted aspen, maple and oak leaves, grapes, acorns, pine cones, boughs and more adorn realistic bark-covered branches meticulously fabricated from steel. Rich color elements are introduced in hand-applied finishes and complementary shade materials -- like the magenta bell-shaped flowers in the chandelier below left. Rawhide and mica are other popular lens materials and merge with a myriad of nature-inspired elements, from intricately detailed aspen branches to wildlife such as elk and moose. Take a look at a few of our recent and favorite organic custom creations here.

Above: Two very different wine cellar fixtures, both with grape motif details. The cascading chandelier at left (and below) reinterprets a tangled grapevine adorned with hand-blown and scallop-edged flowers, while the old world design at right consigns a simple yet beautifully detailed finial to acknowledge the fixture's intended purpose.

Above: three dome fixtures demonstrate a variety of organic styles ranging from realistic to interpretive. Although the one at left is fabricated from steel, every element is realistically crafted to look as if it was hand-hewn from a pine tree. Decorative aspen leaves, a rawhide dome and dark mica diffuser add organic warmth to the European-style dome design in the middle,  while the fixture at right deploys windswept 'twigs' of hand-forged steel to enhance the fused crystal glass dome. 

Above, the signature fixture of the Lucky H Bar & Grille in Salt Lake City's award-winning Little America hotel. This 25-ft diameter fixture is constructed from five sculpted steel branches, each over 10 feet in length.

Above, the organic sconce design also featured in the Lucky H Bar & Grille.

Shown above are two of our favorite custom designs featuring multiple wildlife motifs. The fixture at left was conceived for the Louisiana Bayou home of an avid fisherman and duck hunter. The fixture at right is a popular catalog design that has been modified to incorporate four sculpted moose heads for a large Montana residence.

Above and below: unique kitchen pendants sculpted from steel and clear thick-walled blown glass shades. The dramatic custom organic motif complements the bold finishes and natural tones in the surrounding space. 

Two very different organic-inspired approaches to the traditional pool table fixture. At left, a traditional rawhide shade adorned with pine cones and boughs. At right, a spray of oak leaves adds organic warmth to an old-world inspired design showcasing scrollwork and dark art glass shades. 

Above: the realistic pine needles and cones, branches and bark-like surfaces of these two ceiling lights -- all meticulously hand-sculpted from steel - highlight the remarkable artistry of our fabrication team. 

Above: two kitchen island fixtures with silhouette diffusers depicting natural landscape scenery. Each silhouette element -- from the evergreen boughs to the elk's beard -- is detailed by hand. 

Above, two oversized entry pendants featuring a pine motif. The lantern style pendant at left has a dark mica lens, while the fixture at right has a rawhide lens. Note in particular the realistic bark-like detail on the center band of the right hand fixture. 



Much of the custom residential work we do at Hammerton involves creating signature lighting packages that address all the decorative fixture requirements of the home.  

These 'whole-home' custom services enhance the overall design integrity of a project by providing consistency in aesthetics, scale, proportion, finish detail and quality -- without the generic look that frequently results from using the same brand of lighting throughout. And since each whole home project involves a dedicated team of Hammerton design, engineering and service personnel, additional benefits include streamlined project management as well as delivery and budget control.

Below is an inside look at a recent whole home project that is currently installing at a northern California lakefront estate. 68 custom and modified catalog fixtures representing 21 signature designs blend the timelessness of old world European elegance with the warmth of organic style. By offering a combination of distinctive and shared design elements -- including distressed edges, decorative pins, joints and straps, scrollwork, twists, light-hued diffusers and complementary finishes -- each fixture design stands on its own while collectively unifying the home's overall aesthetic. 

Stay tuned... we hope to show you the completed home -- including many fixtures not featured here -- in a few months!

Above: unfinished outdoor sconces just out of the fabrication shop provide a good view of the extraordinary design detail in their distressed edges and decorative pins and strapping. Below: the finished outdoor sconce.

Above: two additional outdoor fixtures. On the left: several fixtures in this post mount style illuminate the driveway. On the right: the entry pendant. Each of these outdoor fixture designs subtly introduce aesthetic elements that are carried throughout the interiors.

Above left: This window-style drum was designed to visually punctuate key traffic areas on the main floor. Its ornate twist detail is echoed both in the main hallway sconces (above right) and in the adjacent wine room dome fixture (below) to visually unify the separate spaces. Note also the subtle scrollwork and hammered flare detail which are repeated in many of the other interior lights. 

Below, the 9-foot tall great room chandelier -- a very different design than those above, but with many familiar design details. Also, note the octagonal pendant in the chandelier's center: though it plays a supporting role in this enormous fixture, it takes center stage as a multi-port pendant chandelier in the home's magnificent floating circular stairway (not shown).

Above, the two kitchen fixtures. At left, a multi-port chandelier that will hang over the peninsula. At right, the 53" diameter island chandelier. The scalloped shades, used exclusively in these kitchen fixtures, are intended to distinguish the space separately from the adjacent great room, although the overall aesthetic is unmistakably similar. 

In more private spaces, the homeowner opted to incorporate a warmer organic style that still nods to the timeless elegance of the home. Above left, the master bath chandelier. Above right: a gracefully sculpted linear suspension that will hang over the master tub. 

Above, two additional organic-inspired fixtures intended for secondary bedroom spaces. Below, lamping cups used in the above left fixture.

Summer Custom Series: Outdoor

Summer is the time for outdoor gatherings with family and friends, and there is no better way to show off distinctive outdoor spaces than with custom outdoor fixtures from Hammerton. Whether your project calls for a particular function, style, scale, motif, lamping or other unique requirement, we can accommodate your needs. Learn more about our capabilities by reviewing a few recent and favorite projects below.

Created for the L'Auberge du Lac resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana, this dramatic large scale chandelier is designed and engineered to be weatherproof, lightweight and maintenance free. Key features include aluminum construction, LED lamping, and an AAMA-2604 rated finish that provides the highest standard for UV and corrosion resistance -- an important requirement in the hot, humid and salty air of the Gulf Coast climate.


Two examples of custom old-world European designs that shipped in the last several weeks. At left: the outdoor sconce design for a large retreat overlooking Lake Tahoe. At right: the outdoor sconce design for an oceanfront villa in Palm Beach, Florida, fabricated in aluminum, marine grade pre-treated and coated with an AAMA-2604 finish to resist UV damage and the corrosively salty Florida air.


Two outdoor fixtures from a collection of 17 custom designs completed last month for a New England coastal estate. Brass pins, strapping and schoolhouse-style glass are elevated to decorative details in this nautical interpretation of Craftsman-style lighting.


Fixture: DOD-9-003-4A-1

Fixture: DCH-9-007-4A-K

Located on over 2,000 sweeping acres between North Lake Tahoe and Truckee, California, Martis Camp is a private gated community that embraces the true essence of High Sierra living. Swaback Partners collaborated with Hammerton in designing a signature collection of unique outdoor fixtures that complemented the award-winning architecture and breathtaking natural surroundings.


 A double drum porte cochere chandelier for a magnificent estate currently under construction in Ontario, Canada. Similar design elements are repeated in over 30 additional custom fixtures being installed throughout the home.


Completed in late 2015, High Star Ranch is a mixed-use destination resort in the rural foothills of Utah's majestic Uinta mountains. Hammerton designed and built both the interior and exterior lighting packages for High Star's 10,000 ft DeJoria Conference Center. Woven mesh featured throughout the exterior lighting package gives a utilitarian nod to the surrounding farming community, while contemporary fixture forms allow the scenic landscape to take center stage. 


Fixture: CU-OD6032-14I-A

Two examples of recent custom post mount designs that are modified versions of outdoor products in the Hammerton catalog.


Fixture: DOD-2-001-9A-C

Fixture: CU-OD2210-9I-A

Fixture: CU-OD2210-9G-C

Three custom outdoor fixtures recently out of the shop. Over 300 of the far right fixture were fabricated for the remodel of a Four Seasons resort in Hawaii, where rugged climate conditions not only include UV and humidity but unusually corrosive air due to the tropical location and constant presence of volcanic ash. 



Dare to Bare Exposed Lamping

“Industrial-chic” and “loft style” have become the industry’s hottest buzz words as industrial style lighting continues to prove itself as a top lighting trend in the design world. Versatile and interesting, industrial style lighting, as design blogger Wendy Hyde describes it, is “bold enough to make a statement, yet quiet enough for those who just want to get their feet wet in the style.” And it’s everywhere. “You’re as likely to find industrial décor within the walls of a multimillion-dollar mansion as in a converted loft in a gritty part of town,” says design journalist Lisa Frederick. 

This aesthetic is not only about edgy metal finishes. One of the most popular ways to add an industrial touch to transitional and contemporary interiors is with bare bulb industrial lighting. Bare bulb lighting is a fantastic way to show off vintage bulbs, clear or frosted globes and other unique lamping options that add visual interest.

Both the Hammerton Contemporary Collection and the Hammerton Studio brand include a number of industrial-inspired designs. Some of our favorites are featured below. Click Gallery to view.

For more contemporary lighting fixtures, see all our collections at Hammerton Studio.

Summer Custom Series: New England Nautical

Our team recently designed and fabricated this series of nautical-styled lighting that's currently being installed in a New England coastal estate. The project was a standout favorite here! Each of the 17 different fixture styles incorporated custom polished brass elements and ribbed, clear or frosted glass. A whimsical porthole window and complementary light fixtures underscore the nautical theme echoed in a total of 46 fixtures throughout the home. To view more custom lighting, take a look at our Custom Gallery.

Summer Custom Series: Dressed Up Drums


Materials such as art glass, parchments, eco-resins, acrylics, rawhide, semi-precious stones and mesh can add unique colors and textures to drum shades. With thoughtful design, drum lights can be dressed up with subtle details and elements that add a surprising splash of elegance, whimsy or glamour. Blown glass finials, rod accents, globe diffusers and decorative metalwork are just a few examples of small accents that have a large impact.  

See how the artisans at Hammerton dress up drum light fixtures with hand-laid materials, exceptional colors, tantalizing textures and eye-catching lines. To learn more about our custom capabilities click here or view our collection of custom fixtures.

Click image to enlarge

Modified Contemporary chandelier, 60"H x 48"Dia, 264"OAH, with Frosted Seeded glass diffusers and Seeded Glass ring lenses. Seaside Silver finish.

Fixture: DCH-2-029-14A-B.

Click image to enlarge

Triple drum, 96" OAH x 54"Dia, in fused & Sienna tinted Crystal glass and Flat Bronze metallic finish.

Fixture: DCH-2-040-14A-A

Click image to enlarge

Industrial-inspired double drum, 60" OAH x 54"Dia, in Medium Mesh and Light Mica, with Antique Iron finish.

Fixture: DCH-2-043-8A-B

Click image to enlarge

Stairwell chandelier, 120"H x 30"Dia, in Fine Mesh and Frosted Seeded Glass. Metallic Beige Silver finish. 

Fixture: DCH-2-008-9A-A

Click image to enlarge

Candelabra drum, 19" OAH x 36"Dia, with Smoke Granite textured glass lens, Clear Seeded Glass cylinders and Brushed Antique Iron finish.

Fixture: DCH-2-017-16A-A

Click image to enlarge

Double drum with glass & steel motif, 46" OAH x 40"Dia, with custom Frosted Granite textured glass lens and Dark Nickel premium finish.

Fixture: DCH-100-14A-A

Click image to enlarge

Two-tone drum, 21"H x 20"Dia with organic detail. Antique Copper and Antique Iron finishes.

Fixture: DCH-2-014-8A-A

Click image to enlarge

Custom glass drum, 12"H x 36"Dia with custom textured glass and Argento Grey metallic finish.

Fixture: DCH-2-042-8A-B

Click image to enlarge

Triple drum, 55" OAH X 54"Dia in Fine Mesh, Frosted Crystal glass and Flat Bronze metallic finish.

Fixture: DCH-2-060-9A-A

Click image to enlarge

Asian-inspired double drum, 30" OAH x 22"Dia, with custom Tiko ecoresin weave and Medium Mesh lenses. Autumn Harvest finish.

Fixture: DCL-2-006-5A

Hammerton Studio - Oversized Pendants

With any hospitality or commercial project, budget always defines design scope. Hammerton Studio's oversized pendants stretch that budget further to outfit large spaces without compromising on design or quality.

Pendants are so versatile and can be added in a myriad of formations, from single fixtures hung in entryways or paired above bars to multiples displayed over receptions desks. 

View our selection of oversized pendants below.

Dreamy Kitchen Lighting

Visit any American home and you'll find the kitchen is at its heart. A place for family gatherings and cooking lovingly prepared meals, kitchens bring people together and connect surrounding spaces to help merge the home's overall design and architecture.

On full display, the kitchen beckons thoughtful design that extends beyond the usual counter top and cabinetry considerations to include lighting. Choosing the right light fixture in this busy space isn't merely based on functionality. Consideration must also be given to the desired ambiance and the need for congruent design aesthetic.

We all agree lighting is a key component of any beautiful kitchen and we've selected some of our favorite kitchen lighting fixtures to give you some inspiration.

Perfect Powder Rooms

Particularly in small spaces like powder rooms, thoughtful design details - including lighting - can make all the difference.



Bright Stairway Ideas

Take what could be a purely functional space and transform it into a breathtaking experience where thoughtfully chosen lighting is the focal point. Hammerton has wide range of light fixtures perfect for illuminating stairway spaces.