Hammerton Studio - Oversized Pendants by Nancy Shott

With any hospitality or commercial project, budget always defines design scope. Hammerton Studio's oversized pendants stretch that budget further to outfit large spaces without compromising on design or quality.

Pendants are so versatile and can be added in a myriad of formations, from single fixtures hung in entryways or paired above bars to multiples displayed over receptions desks. 

View our selection of oversized pendants below.

Dreamy Kitchen Lighting by Nancy Shott

Visit any American home and you'll find the kitchen is at its heart. A place for family gatherings and cooking lovingly prepared meals, kitchens bring people together and connect surrounding spaces to help merge the home's overall design and architecture.

On full display, the kitchen beckons thoughtful design that extends beyond the usual counter top and cabinetry considerations to include lighting. Choosing the right light fixture in this busy space isn't merely based on functionality. Consideration must also be given to the desired ambiance and the need for congruent design aesthetic.

We all agree lighting is a key component of any beautiful kitchen and we've selected some of our favorite kitchen lighting fixtures to give you some inspiration.

Perfect Powder Rooms by Nancy Shott

Particularly in small spaces like powder rooms, thoughtful design details - including lighting - can make all the difference.



Bright Stairway Ideas by Nancy Shott

Take what could be a purely functional space and transform it into a breathtaking experience where thoughtfully chosen lighting is the focal point. Hammerton has wide range of light fixtures perfect for illuminating stairway spaces.



2015 Dallas Market New Product Preview by Todd Crosland

New Designs: Three bold new collections nod to today’s most popular styles and spotlight the world-class talent of our artisan fabricators in sconces, pendants and ceiling fixtures. These new looks – all 100% USA handcrafted -- beautifully complement a wide range of transitional interiors at retail prices from $395-$1,795.

Glass Shades With Style… Tired of the traditional China-made fabric shade? Our 2015 new product line-up showcases the surprising glamour of textured art glass in a handcrafted selection of shades and diffusers, all made by Hammerton glass artisans in our Utah facility.  Choose from four glass colors and a choice of shade styles.

Translucent Finishes…  If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that Hammerton is not a fan of plated finishes (just google “metal plating facility + Superfund” and you’ll see over 70,000 reasons why).  With our newest collections, we’re introducing three lustrous patinas that rival the shiny appeal of plated finishes, are completely “green”, and also reveal the authentic craftsmanship and artisan character of the underlying steel.

Wet-Rated Outdoor… Like all our outdoor products, Hammerton Studio’s new outdoor designs offer the highest standard of UV and weather resistance in coastal, mountain, desert, and even tropical climates. These outdoor fixtures combine high performance marine-grade architectural finishes (the same quality that’s used on skyscrapers) and durable aluminum construction that’s pre-treated for added durability, and they’re guaranteed for life.

Reduced Pricing... You'll also notice that we've dramatically reduced prices on all existing Hammerton Studio products. As volumes have grown, we've been able to pass along scale economies of up to 50%. New retail prices on existing products include pendants and sconces from $350, Tempest drums from $895, and our popular Rimelight and textured glass drums from $1,495. 


As our days start cooling down, there’s nothing quite like coming home to the warm glow of a custom candle light fixture. Once relegated to rustic spaces, candle light fixtures have taken on a fresh, new form and a distinct contemporary aesthetic, making them a versatile choice for today’s more modern homes. These distinctive lights capture all of the beauty and ambiance of a lit candle while offering numerous design possibilities to suit your home’s unique decor.

Whether traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, all of Hammerton’s expertly crafted candle light fixtures exude a time-honored aesthetic with a sophisticated, modern twist. The type of candle base used in each fixture dramatically impacts the overall aesthetic. For example, melted wax candles are perfect for traditional and rustic-style homes, while steel-base candles add a industrial-inspired element to more contemporary interiors. Our mastery of design and metalwork allows us to craft these elegant fixtures with clean lines and simple forms that work well in a variety of spaces.

You can view some of Hammerton’s most recent custom candle light fixtures by clicking through the gallery above.

If you’re interested in including one of these finely crafted candle light fixtures in your home, or if you’re interested in creating your own custom piece, contact Hammerton at 801.973.8095 for a design consultation.


Cover sconces are one of the most common wall-mounted fixtures for task and ambient lighting, but they don’t have to look it. Here are a few recent Hammerton custom cover sconces that might expand your perception of this functional fixture type.

Designed for a wide-range of spaces — from great rooms and hallways to bedrooms and bathrooms — each custom cover sconce is designed to complement its unique surroundings by thoughtfully combining a timeless form or innovative silhouette with interesting materials, textures and colors. Because we work with a broad palette of materials, the possibilities for custom design are virtually limitless.

The gallery above features a few of our favorite recent custom cover sconce designs. Browse through our online portfolio to view additional designs, or call one of our team members to discuss your custom lighting needs.


The world is now a brighter and more sustainable place thanks to three scientists who succeeded where all others failed in the field of lighting technology. Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura were awarded this year’s Nobel prize in physics for inventing the blue light emitting diode. This invention has helped create the transformational (and now ubiquitous) LED light.

Akasaki and Amano are both professors at Nagoya University in Japan, and Nakamura, co-founder of Soraa, is a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

For over three decades, scientists tried tirelessly to create the elusive blue diode. Red and green diodes had existed for years, but when the three scientists produced bright blue light beams from their semi-conductors for the first time, they overcame one of the greatest technological challenges of the century. By combining blue diodes with existing red and green beams, the trio created the glowing white lamps we now see everywhere.

LED lights are on path to dramatically lower the cost of lighting worldwide and shift the industry to a new era of efficiency and sustainability. Unlike red and green diode technology, environmentally-friendly LED lights don’t contain any mercury. Today, they’re replacing traditional light bulbs and fluorescent lamps everywhere, from streets and living rooms to smart phones and airplanes.

Congratulations to Akasaki, Amano and Nakamura on this well deserved recognition.


We love to feature American artisan manufacturers who share our high standards for aesthetic and functional design. Charles River Wine Cellars is an excellent example.

What started out as a simple passion for beautiful wine cellar designs launched Edward Loughran into a world of specialty varietals and high style storage solutions. As a stonemason by trade, Loughran’s attention to high quality craftsmanship can be seen across New England. Indeed, his personalized designs — whether for wine tasting or showcasing — all reflect the artistry and complexity of winemaking itself.

In 1999, Loughran founded Charles River Wine Cellars after assembling a strong group of professional artisans and designers. Fusing a dual passion for craftsmanship and fine wine, every cellar design executed by his team reflects the exceptional skill and impeccable quality of numerous custom features, ranging from LED accent lighting to weathered stone accents.

Loughran’s affinity for high quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and sophisticated artistry naturally struck a chord with our team at Hammerton. In a collaborative effort with designer Randi Skiffington of Interiors By Randi, a beautiful wine cellar design was completed for a client’s home on Lake Winnipesaukee and finished with several of Hammerton’s elegant, old world-inspired light fixtures.

Click through the gallery above to view this stunning Charles River Wine Cellar design featuring luxury light fixtures from Hammerton.

To learn more about how Hammerton can work with you to create custom lighting designs for a commercial, hospitality or residential project, contact us by emailing info@hammerton.com or calling 801.973.8095.


“Where do I start?”

This can be quite a daunting question when considering custom light fixtures for your home. Usually, the best first step is the most straightforward: simply consider the home’s architecture and overall aesthetic design.

Your goal may be to create a bold modern fixture for a industrial-style urban loft with an abundance of concrete and metal finishes, a dramatic old world fixture to offset hand-hewn stone walls, an organic contemporary piece to update a timber frame retreat, or a countless number of other options.  Whatever the case, consider different forms, materials and colors to coordinate with the home’s structural design, furnishings and finishes.

Custom homes featuring distinctive architectural details and interesting materials are a great source of inspiration for the Hammerton design team. We also look to a home’s natural surroundings and views to form an idea for a fixture design. In the end, your home’s architectural design is one of the most important factors to consider when designing custom fixtures.

Browse through the gallery above to view some examples of custom fixtures inspired by their surrounding architecture and environment. If these pieces inspire a new design project, contact one of our team members at Hammerton to discuss your ideas for a luxury custom light fixture.


Thoughtful use of color can empower interiors with energy and an invigorating sense of joy and tranquility. Colorful light fixtures can come in many shapes and sizes, as well as in dozens of materials, from reflective mica to breathtaking glass.

With an intelligent combination of design elements, you can leverage color to achieve an effortlessly cohesive and sophisticated lighting plan. Simply put, the ethereal element and subtle translucence of colorful glass can add an undeniably delicate yet uniquely modern appearance to interior designs.

View how we’ve used colorful glass to craft stunning Lightspann contemporary light fixtures by clicking through the photo gallery above.

If these glass designs speak to you, contact a team member at Hammerton. We’re ready to help you find the right fixtures for your project. And if we don’t have the perfect piece, we’ll work with you to custom create one. Read about our custom work and view our custom gallery to learn more.


Breaking from the norm is a regular occurrence at Hammerton. For this custom hilltop home in Park City, Utah, Hammerton collaborated with interior designer Leslie Schofield and architect Mike Upwall to strike a unique balance between Craftsman sensibility and organic contemporary style.

Schofield’s intention was to create a fresh and modern aesthetic with a subtle nod to the legacy of Greene & Greene. The home’s contemporary Craftsman style inspired our team to incorporate different design elements that would resonate as both timeless and innovative. A series of custom designed fixtures both complemented the natural materials used in the home and highlighted the classic principles of Arts and Crafts style. Click through the gallery above to view the final results of this collaborative project.

To learn more about our custom work, browse through our online catalog and portfolio of past projects. Email or call us at 801.973.8095 to speak to one of our team members.


You may not have heard of ecoresin before, but you’ve most certainly seen it. This translucent co-polyester sheet material can be found almost everywhere you look. In the interior design world, it’s most often used as a decorative architectural panel that diffuses light from one space into another. It comes in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, and it is heat formable. Perhaps the most innovative characteristic of the material is that decorative elements can be suspended within the resin – think leaves, geometric shapes, etc. Another beautiful characteristic of ecoresin is the significant amount of recycled content it contains.

Several years ago our design team took a good look at this material and found it was a perfect alternative to traditional lens materials like glass and acrylic, and Hammerton became one of the first to use ecoresin in the fabrication of light fixtures. Today we use the material in a variety of interesting ways, primarily as a means of incorporating an organic aesthetic into a contemporary fixture design.  Take a look through the gallery above to see how ecoresin can lend an elegant and earthy aesthetic appeal to luxury lighting designs.

You can view more of our ecoresin light fixtures and lens materials by browsing through our various collections, which range from rustic and industrial chic to contemporary and modern. If you’re looking for more assistance, contact one of our team members by emailing info@hammerton or calling 801.973.8095.


Lines and shapes may give lighting designs form and structure, but materials bring them to life. While silhouettes engage the eye, it’s often the materials comprising those shapes – their textures and colors, the way they reflect light and create shadow — that stimulate our emotions and generate an aesthetic response.

This powerful role that materials play in lighting design can be leveraged to bridge styles and create surprisingly refreshing alternatives to traditional fixtures. For example, dressing a trio of geometric pendants in lashed rawhide can add authentic western flair to an otherwise contemporary fixture. Updating a traditional European chandelier or sconce silhouette with sleek glass cylinders creates a versatile yet timeless look equally at home in transitional or modern interiors. Substituting industrial mesh for white fabric turns a basic drum fixture into an eye catching, urban-inspired focal point. Whatever the style, combining familiar silhouettes with unusual materials can yield eye-catching fixtures that elevate interiors in creative and compelling ways.

As a custom lighting designer and manufacturer, Hammerton is frequently tasked with creating these types of ‘statement’ fixtures that marry innovative design with the high quality craftsmanship we’re known for. Click through the gallery above to view a few of our favorites.

You can explore more luxury lighting designs by browsing our various Hammerton collections. To learn more about how we can customize fixtures to take your commercial, hospitality or residential  project to the next level, contact one of our team members by emailing info@hammerton.com or calling 801.973.8095.


If you’ve ever wondered why Hammerton doesn’t offer chrome or other plated finishes as standard options, just google ‘metal plating facility + Superfund’ and you’ll see 71,700 reasons why.

Superfund, of course, is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s program that deals with uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. There are over a thousand Superfund sites across the United States, and metal plating facilities are high on the list.

By their very nature, metal finishing industries are highly toxic, but metal plating is among the worst due to its heavy reliance upon dangerous chemicals and compounds like cyanide, chromium and cadmium. Yes indeed, the process that creates that shiny finish on your kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures uses highly toxic chemicals to do so… and the waste from this process frequently ends up in our ground and surface water. That’s when the EPA steps in.

Is a shiny finish worth risking our environment and our health? We don’t think so. At Hammerton, we take pride in applying the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, functionality and environmental compliance to every one of our products, and that includes our finishes. All of our 30+ finishes are not only beautiful and durable — they’re also very environmentally friendly, and many of them offer beautiful substitutes for plated finishes. A few are highlighted in the gallery above.

Hammerton’s proprietary finish process is just one example of how we minimize our impact on the environment. We also source our raw materials domestically, we use recycled materials whenever possible, and we fabricate 100% of our products here in the U.S.,  among other conscious efforts.

Want to speak with a Hammerton representative to learn more? Give us a call at 801.973.8095 or email us at info@hammerton.com.


Metal has never looked so chic. From contemporary lofts to fashion runways, the remarkable staying power of modern industrial style is undeniable. Luxury light fixtures featuring raw metal combined with contrasting textures, like weathered wood and soft, clean surfaces, can translate into gorgeous designs with a bold and sophisticated edge.

Inspired by the industrial revolution and steampunk culture, this uniquely urban aesthetic juxtaposes a range of materials, textures and colors to create designs that engage the eye. Oftentimes, industrial chic fixtures fashion simple lines and shapes into interesting and dynamic forms cut from steel and aluminum. These structural works of art are often softened by simple, monochromatic fabrics or warm, distressed wood, found either in the piece’s surrounding environment or within the fixture itself.

Reflected in our industrial-inspired fixtures, Hammerton Studio product designers have been particularly inspired by these materials and design concepts. We invite you to browse through the slider above to view some of our industrial chic lighting designs in their modern environments.

You can also download Hammerton Studio’s 2014 catalog of accessibly-priced luxury lighting designs for a better look at how our artisans have re-imagined the industrial chic style. To speak to a lighting design expert who can help you select the right fixture or work with you to create a custom design for your project, contact Hammerton online or by calling 801.973.8095.


At Hammerton, we’re passionate about exploring – and expanding — the boundaries of lighting design. To do this, we’re continuously broadening our palette of design elements – shape, form, composition, space, texture and, of course, materials.

Integrating different types of materials into a single design can result in a delightfully surprising light fixture that pleases the eyes and captivates the imagination. However, it’s impossible to do this well without an intimate understanding of each material, and the knowledge and skill set to transform that material into an integral design element of a functional fixture. That requires a lot of time and resources – which is why many lighting manufacturers limit the palette of materials they use in their designs.

While Hammerton’s roots are based in steel fabrication and mountain rustic lighting, we’ve long since evolved into a “materials agnostic” lighting designer and manufacturer of a broad range of lighting styles. From woven steel mesh and artisan glass to parchments, eco-resins and rawhide, the materials we embrace in our designs have become an integral part of our evolution as a leading American lighting manufacturer.

We invite you to browse through the gallery above to view some of our favorite custom fixtures that feature an often surprising mix of materials and reflect the sensibilities of our imaginative design team.



Anyone familiar with Hammerton’s design sensibility can see how architects Frank Lloyd Wright and the Greene Brothers have significantly influenced our work.

Wright’s Prairie School and Charles & Henry Greene’s bungalow-style designs shared strong roots in traditional Japanese architecture and the principles of the Arts & Crafts movement. Their styles were all about clean lines, bold forms, authentic materials and meticulously handcrafted details that lent aesthetic appeal to pegs, joints and other functional construction components. All of these design elements were deployed in their work to celebrate both the high art of craft and the role of architecture as a connection between interiors and the natural world. Wright called this “organic architecture.”

These same principles represent the stylistic foundation of Hammerton’s design aesthetic, and some or all of them can be found in virtually every light we build. Take a look at the gallery above to view and read about some of our favorite “organic architecture” inspired custom designs.



At Hammerton, we’re passionate about using commonplace materials to create uncommon lighting designs. While glass is certainly a conventional material, using it artistically to evoke nature-inspired lighting designs is not.

Our artisans transform blown and kiln-fired glass into a variety of shapes and textures that can add delightful organic interest to lighting designs. From drops of sparkling dew to a bundle of bamboo stalks, we love to push the boundaries of this material to create unique and surprising fixtures. Take a look at the gallery above to view a few examples of our designs that feature the natural forms and textures of beautifully crafted glass.

You can also browse our Lightspann and Hammerton Studio collections to view more of our glass lighting designs. To speak to a lighting design expert who can help you find the right fixtures for your project, or to learn more about our custom work, contact Hammertononline or call 801.973.8095.


A designer client who recently toured the Hammerton manufacturing facility marveled at the dichotomy of what he saw in our shipping and receiving area. On one side stood the latest delivery of raw material —  raw sheet metal, tube steel in various diameters, angle iron, and so on. On the other side hung a variety of completed fixtures staged for crating – elegant 5′ diameter domes, organic-style chandeliers, contemporary drums and pendants — all beautifully fabricated, finished, and looking nothing like the raw material they were made from. “It’s alchemy, Hammerton style,” the client remarked.

We couldn’t have said it better.

Of course, it’s not through some mysterious medieval science that our artisans turn cold hard steel into works of functional art, but the end result is indeed magical — particularly when it comes to our nature-inspired fixtures. Combining deep metalworking skills with an unusual artistic sensibility, our artisans transform raw steel tubing and sheet metal into lifelike aspen and evergreen branches, elk antlers, organically textured panels, and more.

Take a look at the gallery above for a glimpse at our artisans’  incredible skill with metal. You’ll be hard pressed to believe that each began with several unassuming pieces of raw steel.

Contact Hammerton to see how our design team can work with you to select or customize a luxury light fixture. Our version of alchemy can take your project to the next level of design.